Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A month in review.

So its been just over a month since my last blog and a lot has happened. I wrecked back on Oct 1st and it hurt! I fractured my orbital, some how injured my hamstring, jacked up my bike and then had a crappy race two days later. But hey, what can I expect? Thankfully I am on the mend, the numbness in my face is almost gone, and my body is beginning to recover nicely, although I did just come down with a cold that has left me near horse. I have been going to physical therapy now for a couple weeks and I can't really tell if it is helping or not. I do know that my hamstring is feeling better.

My coach and I have decided that I shall forgo any running races during the off season to make sure that I heal up entirely instead of pushing now and paying for it later. I would much rather have a great 2010 race season than have one or two good off season marathon/half marathons. My 2010 season is starting to shape up looking like this.

Tritonman Feb 20th "C"
Superfrog HIM Mar27th "B"
La jolla Half Marathon Apr 10th "C"
Wildflower HIM May 1st "B"
San Diego International Oly June 27th "C"
Vineman 70.3 HIM July 18th "A"
Solana Beach Tri July 25th "C"
AFC Half Marathon Aug 21st "B"
Surf Town Sprint Tri Aug 22nd "C"
Mission Bay Tri Oct 3rd "A"
San Diego Triathlon Classic Oct 9th "C"
Soma HIM Oct 24th "A"

It will be challenging but I think do able and I expect good races out of me this coming season so hold on to your seats!

I was forced to transfer jobs with in my company a few weeks back. I was dreading the day that this would happen but now that day has come and gone and I am actually rather happy where I am now. Working in the Lean/Six Sigma office as a green belt facilitator has given me an interesting view of how things can operate in a more effective and productive manner while eliminating what really isn't needed. Now instead of helping to eliminate waste in other peoples shop I have a shop of my own that I actually work in to see what I can do myself. Am I happy that I was forced to transfer? Looking back, yes I am. The guys I work with are great and the work that I do now is easy and stress free. Life is good.

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